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Jim Atnip builds on a long tradition of construction experience. Jim was out framing a house when his high school class was graduating.  Two months later he found time to get back to school to pick up his diploma.  Jim continues to build 33 years later.  During this time he has worked as a superintendent for several large general construction companies by superintending large commercial and industrial projects.  

From the beginning, Jim realized that the special thing about building was that whatever you built would still be there for years to come. In other words, his signature would be on every project he undertook, and the reputation of Atnip Construction would rise or fall on the quality of his work and the satisfaction of his customers. So when Jim started his homebuilding business he set out to build more than just homes. He set out to build a reputation for integrity and enduring workmanship. Atnip Construction team will draw their own plans, but can also work from yours. Through the entire planning process, Jim will guide your decisions about everything from the foundation up to the roof. If you are thinking of building a new house, you should definitely meet with Jim to discuss your building options. From start to finish, you can be confident that everything built under the Atnip Construction name will be personally signed with the ink of Jim's own reputation.

Jim & Marilene have been married since 1982. His wife is his soul mate and secretary.  Marilene won Young Mother Representative in the year 2000, representing  Wyoming  thru American Mothers, Inc.  She and their children have total confidence in Jim and the company. They have 10 exemplary children whom are major assets to the company. Two are married, and they now have 1 grandchild. Two of Jimís adult age boys are extremely skilled and are still involved on every job-site, whereas  their oldest son Ben eventually went into aviation and is a Charter /corporate pilot & flight instructor for a company based in Cody, Wyoming . All his sons have helped Jim since little tykes.








Start off your home-building experience by calling Atnip Construction LLC today. Bring your floor plans and/or ideas along with you. Your dreams can easily start taking shape today!

Jim seeks to provide his homebuyers with top-notch service, custom-home designs, and superior craftsmanship. Custom building means that Jim builds any size of house, in any style, with any feature. The customers are totally in charge, and Jim focuses on listening to the customer from the very beginning of the process.

From the most simple to the most elaborate house, each must start with a solid foundation. Atnip Construction LLC has a core list of products and subcontractors  that they view as a standard for creating high quality homes. Quality is the key word. Atnip Construction LLC has built good relationships with these subcontractors, which in turn will give you the best service and product for your money. Browse through our photos to get a feel for the quality of home we are talking about.











Most of Atnip's customers come to him with a basic idea of what they want in their outbuildings. After Going though all details with the customer Jim will design a building that will fit individual needs and taste, from the simple horse sheds to  to large shops and barns with living quarters and several other options under one roof. Jim has integrated meat cutting rooms, walk in coolers, living / guest quarters, wash bays, horse stalls, RV stalls, trophy rooms, grease pits and many other ideas into individualized projects. There is nothing that Jim likes better than coming up with something unique for his customers. Give him a call today to start on your personal project.











Even though most customers have a plan already for their next commercial /industrial project, many have no idea where to start.  Atnip Construction will provide the resources or see to it that the project gets off to the right start from conception to design, permits, then to final build.   Jim has worked for many of the government departments from federal down to the local level.  Weather you already have your plan or need to get started with your idea, give Jim a call and get your project going.






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